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    Lens Implants

    Lens Implants in Orange County California

    Lens Implants

    An Intraocular lens, or IOL, is an artificial clear lens implanted during surgery to restore clear vision. You may choose from various types of IOLs which can correct distance vision, as well as astigmatism, There are also specialty trifocal lenses that can provide some reading vison.

    Choosing a type of lens implant that is ideally suited for your needs is done in conjunction with your doctor, after a careful ocular examination, and involves detailed measurements of your eyes-including a measure of the contour, or topography of your cornea, the axial length of your eye, and assessment of the the overall health of your eye, including retinal imaging.

    A Standard Lens Implant is optimized for one distance, such as looking at distance objects. These lenses have a very high quality aspheric optic, and can provide excellent brightness, color, and sharpness. These lenses will typically be covered by most insurances. Note that you will usually be required to still wear reading glasses for most close tasks, including computer work and reading.

    A Toric Lens Implant is specifically designed to correct astigmatism. During your pre-operative evaluation, it will be determined if you are above a threshold level for astigmatism. If this is the case, the lens will be an option that will be considered for you.

    An Advanced Trifocal Implant is a special lens designed for an extended range, to include both distance and near vision. It can allow some patients to avoid the need for reading glasses, as it provides the full range of vision. There are many considerations in choosing this type of IOL, and will be discussed during your pre-operative visit. Some patients may notice some degree of starbursts at night, particularly with oncoming headlights. The newest generation of these lenses have improved dramatically, and are designed to minimize these side-effects.

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