Take the following measures following laser eye surgery to avoid injury or infection:

  • Don’t shower and wash your hair till the next day.
  • During the first several days after surgery, prevent having non-sterile water into your eyes from showers, hair washing, and so on.
  • Be cautious when taking a shower or bath. When washing your hair, keep soap from your eyes and be cautious of hair spray & shaving lotion.
  • With at least a month, refrain from rubbing your eyes.
  • Use all eye solutions, particularly artificial tears, that your doctor has prescribed.
  • Don’t drive until you’re at ease. First, get your doctor’s approval.
  • Wear the eyes shield/goggles prescribed by your doctor when sleeping the first week.
  • Continue to tap for the at least a week, keep water from your eyes.
  • For at least three weeks, avoid swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas, & lakes.
  • For at least a week, no eye makeup. To avoid infection, discard partially used products.
  • Do not colour or perm your hair for at least seven min.
  • No exercise for the next two days.
  • When you resume exercise and sporting activities, eye protection with at least a month.
  • For a period, your eyes will most likely remain sensitive to light. Dark sunglasses are beneficial.
  • For 7 days, avoid unclean and dusty places.
  • Sunlight can leave a scar, so wear glasses on sunny days for the at least an hour.

When Should I Consult a Physician?

Contact your doctor straight away if you do have any questions or if you experience pain, a sudden reduction in vision, redness, and discharge from your eye.