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Mission Statement

Our medical director John D. Zdral, MD founded the Fullerton Eye Institute in 1995. Our ambition has always been to provide every patient with the highest quality care by offering leading-edge technology in order to preserve, restore, and enhance their optimal eye health, while cultivating strong professional relationships based on honesty, respect, and personalized service. We are proud that our dedication to excellent care has contributed to our success for over 30 years in service of the local community. More about the Fullerton Eye Institute >>

Our Services

Comprehensive medical and optical eye care. We know how much vision means to the quality of your life, and we are committed to providing you clinical care with exceptional service.


What are cataracts? What is cataract surgery like and what lens implants are offered?

Dry Eye

A common issue with many symptoms. Learn more about what you can do to treat it and how we can help.


Eyedrops, laser, surgery? Learn more about “the silent thief of vision” and who should get checked.

Glasses and Contacts

Full-service optical shop and expert contact lens fittings with in-house optometry.

Dr. John Zdral

John Zdral, MD


Dr. John Esser

John Esser, OD


Dr. Jeffrey Tsao

Jeffrey Tsao, MD


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